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Early View: Advance Online Publishing (AOP)

As a service to our readers, in this section we publish online final, accepted, fully formatted articles for early view, before they are assigned to a specific journal issue. As all our content is Open Access, a list of articles is provided for download by readers. To view the final, accepted AOP PDF’s, please click on the article title hyperlinks provided below.

INAUGURAL EDITORIALBrain Medicine: Exceptional science, no fiefdoms, and a better tomorrow.

INAUGURAL GUEST EDITORIAL – Interventional Brain Medicine: Medicine’s newest frontier.

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RISING STARRuth M. Barrientos: Vulnerabilities associated with the aging brain that make it more susceptible to inflammatory challenges leading to memory dysfunction.

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RISING STARAlessandra Borsini: What neuroinflammation has to do with depression and how nutrition can play a beneficial role.

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RISING STARAndrea Ballesio: Mechanisms of sleep-mood interactions.

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RISING STARCharlotte Steenblock: How does stress impact stem cells of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis?

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RISING STARNathaniel G. Harnett: Identifying the neurobiological mechanisms of susceptibility to trauma and stress-related disorders.

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RESEARCH LEADEREdythe London: Translating knowledge from molecular and functional imaging studies to new pharmacological and brain stimulation treatments for addiction.

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RESEARCH LEADER – Keqiang Ye: The C/EBPb/AEP pathway is the key driver for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and Parkinson’s disease (PD) pathogenesis and its specific inhibitor attenuates AD/PD pathologies.

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RESEARCH LEADER – Michele T. Pato: Nature and nurture are essential to living the fullest and most enjoyable life; it is never just about our genes but what you do with them and what you bring to the table.

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RESEARCH LEADER – Udo Dannlowski: Brain structure and function in the long-term course of mental disorders.

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RESEARCH LEADER – Kim Q. Do: Antioxidants specifically targeted at mitochondria: A novel therapeutic approach to schizophrenia.

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RESEARCH LEADER – Károly Mirnics: Many medications and chemicals might not be as safe for the developing brain as we think they are; this will greatly depend on your genotype, habits, and environmental factors.

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RESEARCH LEADER – Carmine Maria Pariante: Understanding why and how stress makes us ill.

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RESEARCH LEADER – Tatia Lee: Neuropsychology and human neuroscience research insights inform the theoretical and translational framework for fostering brain and psychological health.

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RESEARCH LEADER – Stefan R. Bornstein: Stress, diabetes, and depression.

INNOVATORS & IDEAS: RESEARCH LEADER – Paola Dazzan: What can we do to understand psychosis? 

VIEWPOINT – Gold PW: Depression: A malady of the self, arising from stress responses gone awry.

BREVIA – Wong M-L et al:  A novel animal paradigm of long-term, stress-induced hippocampal atrophy.

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